Orin & Anto

Michael Achtman's new film

on set Orin & Anto. photo by Zeynep Dagli


Forced to share a London AirBnb for the night, a young, non-binary marine biologist and an older gay hipster confront the queer generation gap.

ORIN: I’m attracted to a spectrum of people.
ANTO: Then you’re bisexual, or pansexual.
ORIN: Does there need to be a label, one thing and not another? Can’t desire be a fluid thing?
ANTO: Me, I was born this way. I just want to fuck hot men.

on set Orin & Anto. photo by Zeynep Dagli

Written & Directed by Michael Achtman


Orin: Ink Asher Hemp
Anto: Brandon Burke

A filmpro production

Produced by Chas de Swiet
Co-Producer Michael Achtman
Executive Producer: Caglar Kimyoncu
Associate Producer: Margo Cargill

Cinematographer: Michael Filocamo
1st A.D.: Jonay Sevillano Regalado
Camera Assistant: Ollie Munks
Script Supervisor: Zeynep Dagli
Gaffer: Vianney Huggins
Spark: Marina Lewin
Sound Recordist: Dave Sohanpal
Boom Operator: Ben Adams
Hair & Makeup Design: Leann White
Production & Costume Designer: Mark Harriott
Catering: Alex Cameron