Digitising Disability

Digitising Disability aims to create a living archive of Disability Arts and the work and stories of disabled artists, providing an organic and ever-growing resource for research, inspiration, and raising the profile of disabled artists.

Digitising Disability will open up the history of disabled people, Disability Arts and disabled artists' practices, how they have made and shared work in the past, as well as looking forward – offering a platform for current artists and projects in development.

Digitising Disability began in 2011 by gathering existing images, text, and audiovisual material to start an online archive using a website and social media. filmpro has been actively seeking contributions from around the world on:

- disability arts history, particularly formative or pivotal points

- how disabled artists' practices have been and are affected by society at different times and in different places

- individuals' and groups' stories, experiences, art work and career development

Contributions so far;

London Disability Film Festival Archive
Disability Arts Shropshire Archive
Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company Archive
Individual collections by Disabled Artists and Activists
We are grateful for your generous contributions!

This is a zero-budget filmpro initiative!

We are always looking for more contributions from disabled artists at any stage of their careers, and people who work with or know them. It could be your own material or, if you have access to it, from previous generations. We are particularly interested in stories from people with a diverse background.

Examples of formats that are of interest include:

written text (anecdotes, excerpts from diaries)
images (photographs or artwork)
footage (all formats accepted – please include English subtitles where relevant)
We would also like to hear from disabled artists who would be willing to be interviewed as part of our collection development plans.

We aim to collaborate with festivals, presenters and others with similar interests to increase exposure of disability arts, seek funding and partnerships to develop and expand the project over time.

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