ibu is a collaborative project between zeynep dagli, a london-based multi-media artist, digie sigit, a street artist (yogyakarta), and budi prakosa, an information technology developer (yogyakarta) curated by caglar kimyoncu. the project proposes creating and printing a stencil image that will act as marker to trigger augmented reality (AR) video content via smartphone on the streets of london.

the starting point for this project comes from sigit’s response to mia bustam’s biography ‘sudjojono dan aku’. her story, of a strong mother figure in the midst of complex social, economic and political forces, resonates powerfully today.

responding to sigit’s research and image, zeynep will create a video response incorporating diaries and interviews, drawing on her recent working visits to Indonesia. budi prakosa will develop an ar android application, enabling a wide audience to scan the marker in outdoor spaces.

the project will include captions and audio description accessible to D/deaf and visually impaired audiences.

produced by iteq fitri kristiyoarti

Ibu 2019

Ibu Project – 2019 – London.

ibu is a filmpro project