filmpro Online Commissions (fOC)

During lockdown creative production and exhibition has necessarily been moving onto online platforms. For some people it has been an easy transition, but many artists and audiences have found the experience either overwhelming or excluding.

In response, filmpro will support the development and delivery of 4 major commissions for self-defining disabled emerging artists. These commissions will address the barriers that disabled artists face when producing work for online exhibition. Each emerging artist will be matched with a mentor – an expert in digital creative work. The mentor will support the development of artistic concepts, as well as offering their digital tech skills and production expertise in same area as artist.

These commissions aim to push the boundaries of digital platforms, while finding the tools to create work in new ways. The work will reflect on the unexpected positive consequences of the Covid-19 crisis. Themes could include ‘isolation’, ‘reflection on space and quietness’ or ‘the ability to see the stars’.

The first commission will address barriers met by an artist transitioning to a digital space. These barriers may be socioeconomic factors; a lack of technical hardware or internet connection; access support; or simply a lack of previous motivation. Alongside creative support, additional funds will be available for practical solutions. This commission is not for digitising existing work, but will focus on the creation of a new artwork which uses digital technology as a crucial and integral part of the creative or presentation process.

This commission will go to a sound artist. This is an artist who uses sound as their primary medium, and is different from a musician through breaking away from musical forms, structures and ideas. for more information

This commission will go to a transmedia artist. We understand 'transmedia’ as the use of multiple platforms and formats across digital technologies in creating artwork. for more information

This commission will be for a curator or tech developer who is interested in new and accessible ways of exhibiting digital, sound and transmedia art through online platforms. Exploring how the exhibition will be made accessible to diverse audiences will be a key aspect of this commission. for more information